Treasure Sacks & Pay Dirt Handcrafted Just For Kids

Mini gold pan
Mini Gold Pan

Lesser Family Gold is the original supplier of gold, silver and gemstone treasure sacks for your little miners. Each and everyone one of our treasure sacks are hand crafted per your request, straight off our Colorado gold mining claims.

The Gold, Silver and gemstones are 100% Authentic, a COA is given with every purchase. It is also a nice change to have a present that is an investment as well.

The Prospector $18.49

The Prospector is perfect for your little beginners who are trying this for the first time. As well as a perfect activity for their birthday party, and Holiday’s. Comes with 1/8 Gram Gold, 1/8 Gram Silver and red garnets.

Tiny Miner $28.49

The Tiny Miner is for your little miner who is getting into gold as a passion, as well as a collector. Comes with 1/8 Gram Gold, 1/4 Ounce Silver and red garnets.

The Mining Helper $38.49

The Mining Helper bag will have them jumping with joy. This is not their first gold expedition and they are looking for a real haul of gold and gems. Comes with 1/4 Gram Gold, 1/4 Gram Silver, red garnets and little copper nugget.

The Miner 49er $48.49

This is the mother load of fun and collectable specimens. Comes with 1/2 Gram Gold, 1/2 Gram Silver, Red Garnets, Littleton Copper Nugget and a tiny collectible gold pan.


1/2 Gram Natural Gold Placer (16-22k)-$35.49
1 Gram Natural Gold Placer (16-22k)-$59.49
1 Gram Natural Rough Red Garnets-$7.49
1 Gram Crystalline Silver -$74.49
1 Gram LFG Handmade Silver Mini Coins-$2.29
1 Copper Specimen 1/2″ x 1/2″-$12.49
1 Mini Gold Pan 1″ x 1″-$6.49
1 Colorado Thunder Egg-$5.59
1 Peacock Ore Specimen-$6.49
1 Gram Pyrite Crystals-$2.29
1 Geode-$7.49

Kids Treasure Sacks / Pay Dirt

Pricing below is to lower 48. All other areas of shipping, please contact us for pricing.